The Decepticons in Helsinki!

The Decepticons are REAL! They are in Helsinki! I thought that it was just a cool story, but no, it is true. When are they going to strike? And where are the Autobots!

It was a quite normal day. I left from work normally, I was crossing a street and something caught on my eye. We are in Helsinki, so there are tram railroads going here and there. I walked over the street, and turned around. What was that?! I took my camera and took another look on that particular part of railroad. Could this be true? Again I walked across the street and took some pictures. At the other side of the road I checkd my photos and I was so amazed of this thing! I think I have found a Desepticon sign in Helsinki’s tram railroad, in Finland! And right away I was wondering: Where are the Autobots! I have to find them.

Hmm… is this Decepticon an old school one or some new wave Transformer? In my opinion this is old one, a Decepticon which tranforms into a tram railroad.

I have always thought, that Finland is quite nice and calm place to live, but There Are More Than Meets The Eye :D So let the search of Autobots begin! :D

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