In the middle of this week, on wednesday, we took our camera gear with us and went to the national park of Repovesi and had a intensive course of nature and landscape photography. We had only few hours time to shoot the photos in the afternoon, before we drove back to Kouvola. (and my English feels quite poor at the moment) I had an idea to take really painting like pictures and play out side of the sharp, depth of field (I mean, really poor) and in some way to get a quite abstract feeling and I think that I managed to get few really nice photos with these things in my mind. The other idea was to gat really close with my 35mm lens and use really large aperture value, in this case aperture of f/1.8 and to find the best composition with manual focus. I feel that there is some cool magic going on in the non-focused depth of field, that is for sure!

My writing is so difficult now, so here is the pictures :) Tomorrow I will post my Helsinki World Design Capital 2012 postage stamp -school assignment, so see you tomorrow!

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