On my way back to Inkeroinen


It’s been almost a year from the last visit in Kymenlaakson Opisto -school in Inkeroinen. There I have studied  graphic design and photography, for about one and a half year. Tomorrow we have there a sort of class reunion. I’m really happy to see old friends again! And now all my good memories from this time comes up to like it was just yesterday… I think that I somehow really miss those times. I’LL SEE YOU GUYS TOMORROW!!!!! :)

Here is the final assignment, that I did in Kymenlaakson Opisto -school. It is milieu series called “Matkalla maisemmassa” (Travelling in the scene), which I have shot with a real film camera. Hope you enjoy them, even a bit :)

After a year, this series feels a bit clumsy to me, but it makes no differences to me because it makes me smile every time I look at these photos and that is the most important thing! ..at least to me :)


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