Last Friday at School


Last friday and I had a criticism session of the “Three Dimensional Composition” -course and my grade was 4 (out of five), from which I was quite surprised. I was expecting three to be my grade, but I am also very happy with this one :) We had to create two different kind of head “portrait” sculptures and some sketches to help us to understand shapes, shades and high lights with sculpting. Here is some photos from my work. With the sketches I forgot the auto white balance on, so they all are in different colors… well they also vary in sketching style, so the white balance is ok ;)

After fridays criticism I went to say hello to my designer student friends. They were at the jewel workshop making some last minute corrections and finishing touches to they jewels. I would have wanted that course too! But my friends were so nice to me, that they let me polish some of their bracelets and necklaces :) I was so happy!!!! …and I took some photos from there. Thanks for every friend from school for this year! The year had its ups and downs, but I am so lucky to have these good friends here in Kouvola!

I am starting a bigger school project in this summer, which will keep me quite busy, but I will tell you more about that later.

…and these are from the workshop

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