Just Type and Draw

So it is time to wake up and start to draw some school assignments. This is for typography 2 course, which includes this kind of “free” typography. I got this idea when I was reading a book, and I noticed, that I was concentrating on a gemena letter “g”. It was looking like a trigger from a hand gun –> hmm… a gun -> agun: and the base structure was decided. I googled old hand guns and I took the metal carvings as the direction for my design for this typography thingie. The image is rough and I’ve been working on this form for a while, so now I just have to try few different things. In this one, “u” and “n” are going to be negative letters and the floral elements around them will create the illusion of two white/negative letters. The “g” will be the trigger part, and “a” will be the haft, with some added floral elements. It needs some tweaking here and there, well actually a lot! The “a” is too high and a bit too small and the “g” is too small for its lower parts, just for example.

Here is today’s sketch for this one: I poorly composed it in the paper, but the direction is good. I’ll post the final “agun” in week or two, when it is done. And hopefully I can manage to do a print of it on a t-shirt? Please feel free to comment.


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