I Found The Autobot!

I found the Autobot! I could not wake it up, but at least I know where it is, if i need help. No-no! We just have to wait and see what going to happen. I’m so thrilled about this finding – are there more of them, that we just do not know?

To spoil this thing a little bit: I heard from a trust worthy nerd source, that actually these transformers are done by finnish railway company. They made the Autobot when the first Transformers movie was released, and they happend to have a new some sort of metal carving machine at the same time back then. And the Decepticon was made when the second Transformers movie was released.

But maybe I do not want to believe this. Perhaps I will go to some random car sales man, and hope to finde my own Bumbelbee, and perhaps I want to see this really happening ;)

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