So, Yesterday I left the Kouvola city for a day to meet my firends and of course I took my camera with me. There I was walking in the streets and then I saw this!? Where am I?! Finland – not possible, mabye in some southern European city? Mabye. But to be honest, this is almost in the middle of Helsinki! This smells like a … hmmm, not like Finland :D Well it was quite fun to find this, because my todays post is going to deal with my school assignment, Helsinki World Design Capital 2012 – postage stamps.

And here are the postage stamps. In he beginning I had no idea that what these could be. I did not want to “copypaste” already existing design items or elements into it and to create “a normal illustration” was not a good path, said my teacher. So it took me over a month to get hold on these little devils. I was painting spontaneously to find a clue to get my engines started, but then I got this idea of making just white stamps and let the form an size of the stamps to be the design. And then, somehow morse codes came into the game. So, there it was – the idea! I formed the words: Helsinki World Design Capital into morse codes and each word into line of small and big circles and with these lines I played with the size and opacity to get a good contrast and feeling of space (near and far). There are two different colored sheets of stamps, the other should be the color of platinum and the other the color of gold: with some sort of sparkling printing color. If you have anything to ask about these, feel free to do so :) and here are the pics.

Tomorrow I will have to gather up a presentation with these stamps and after the presentation we have a feedback session of these stamps an the presentation with our class. I am maybe a bit nervous about it, but I think it is going to be just fine. No stress about these thingies :)

P.s. I am really sorry for the tyops, I just can’t see them all, even if I try :D

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