green lantern day

I haven’t done anything much lately, well after all it is holiday time now. So here is a new post for you guys. Today’s illustration is about the Green Lanterns. After seen the big bang theory series, I’ve discovered the green lanterns; thanks to sheldon and his friends. Then I bought one GL comic book, and the the movie was released, and today I watched the movie from dvd. Nice. I thought that batman was cool, but what is batman when there is a man, a green lantern, who does not fear the darkness? Well I guess that the batman is just a ordinary guy with dark cape and pointy ears, hahaha :D but nonetheless, batman is one of my favorites, and I’m not going to deny that :)

…and of course there is a lot of stupid things left there, but it is a speed paining, and I’m pleased of the atmosphere, that it holds up. I really should paint more… till next time!

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