Font Tour Part1


About a month ago I went to a Font Tour walk thingie, with my friends. Helsinki is now a design capital, and for that a map was created, so people in helsinki might go to tour around and look some fine typography, or just fun typography. There were so many different things, that I’ve not seen, and they were so awesome. Some of them were really old, and some had been redesigned. As we all were tuned up to concentrate on different kinds of font types, we found a lot of awful typography, but also very nice ones too. We were laughing that we should have done this map, hahaha :D maybe? …maybe next time. As being a visual arts student my self, I tend to look around all the time, but how wrong have I been?! Most of these typographic elements were on the ceilings of houses and up high. I realized that I have not been looking up as much as I maybe should – so many cool things up there; even just few feet above my head.

As I was taking the photographs, I quite quickly noticed, that I’m taking really symmetrical pictures, which in this case is not a bad thing, in my opinion. So many different colors, structures, materials, typefaces, words, ect. ect. But now I could create a coherent series of pictures, from this Font tour. I made just small adjustments and gave a hint on purple tint to these. But where I tried to be successful, was in cropping the images. It was difficult. I had my trust worthy 50mm lens hooked up in my camera, but still it made quite a lot of barrel-kind-of-effect into the pictures. I did not touch the barrel-effect at all, but I really tried to “get rid of it” with cropping the images with care. And I think, I did quite decent job – what do you think? I really enjoy looking for all different lines going through my photos. It feels like it crates the base, the skeleton for the image – even if there is only one this kind of line. Should it be horisontal, vertical, diagonal, some where in the thirds, or fours, do not matter. I will always bee looking for them!

I managed to have 24 good pictures, so for this time I Will post only 12 of them. I will post the rest tomorrow, so keep up with my blog to not miss any of thees typography photographs!

And huge thanks to Eeva, Laura and Matte! I had so much fun with you! See you guys soon!

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