Differences of Kouvola

Yesterday was maybe the best day in this week, at least in my opinion. In the evening I was walking in Kouvola with my friend and my camera. And got few really nice shots of the absurd milieu of Kouvola. Nice! So here is the new attachment to my “Absrud Kouvola” -photo series. For those who do not know about this project: I am documenting this Kouvola city for the time I am studying here, try to express how do aI feel about this city, what kinds of things in the milieu takes my interest in, and I try to form somehow a different point of view of the city. I really do not know how I am going to achieve the points, but at least making these photographs makes me happy :) Hope you enjoy these and feel free to comment.


  • On pitänyt jo kauan sitten sanoa, joten sanonpa nyt kun muistan, että ensimmäinen ja viimeinen kuva on hienoja! Vetoaa niiden värimaailma ja outous… :)

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