Category: Speed Painting

Tides and Turns

Hi! About a week ago, a friend of mine was at my place and we were talking about my way of painting digitally. Well okay, I may have started it, but the conclusion of this conversation was, that my friend asked and suggested me, that if I’d be more patient with my paintings and give …

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Promised Saraste Characters

Hello! Here are the new illustrations of the Saraste scout camp’s characters. These images are also printed inside the camper’s guide book. They are fun characters of morning (Kajo – green), mid-day (Humu – blue), evening (Hämy – orange) and night (Syvi – purple). If you have something to ask about these characters or the …

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Minas Tirith and Some Orks

Here is todays picture. Things happened in photoshop, and then I found Minas Tirith in the painting. Then I added some orks into the foreground. Hope that you like this one.

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