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Hello! A week ago I made these signs for Saraste scout camp. Just before Saraste, there is a another scout camp. Roverway. Saraste and Roverway is held in the same place and the signs are going to be placed for Roverway also, so there is quite many scouts to se these signs live! 😀 so …

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Promised Saraste Characters

Hello! Here are the new illustrations of the Saraste scout camp’s characters. These images are also printed inside the camper’s guide book. They are fun characters of morning (Kajo – green), mid-day (Humu – blue), evening (Hämy – orange) and night (Syvi – purple). If you have something to ask about these characters or the …

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Almost forgot this one. This was a shcool assignment, and we printed this with plotter-printing-machine. The size of the print is about 60x80cm. It is about voodoo (the texta also). The layout is fine, but I had so little time to do this, because I was lazy and our teacher couldn’t help me as much …

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agun takes a new form

Again, it’s been a while since the last post, but here is something for you. The agun has taken a new form, which I like very much. Characters are bold and simple, so the typography part itself is not disturbed with any “nonsense”. The haft is a haft, which has world’s map carved into it. …

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Typography Chocolate

hi! It’s been a while, I know… But in today’s post I have this nice chocolate-typography-illustration-slash-poster-thingie, not the “agun” drawing that I was talking about in the post before this one. Anyways, this was also an assignment for our typography class: we had to choose a subject, mine was chocolate, and then create a silhouette …

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Just Type and Draw

So it is time to wake up and start to draw some school assignments. This is for typography 2 course, which includes this kind of “free” typography. I got this idea when I was reading a book, and I noticed, that I was concentrating on a gemena letter “g”. It was looking like a trigger …

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to do…

These are the things I like, These are the things I… These are the things that runs my power level down. Few weeks for the next big deadline: When the Sytyke-thingie and other scout “post-it-to-do’s” goes to printing houses. Maybe then I could have time to do some other things, maybe?

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A New Post Card!

Yay! The second post card, that I made for this Saraste Scout Camp, came today! Here is a pic of the final product Unluckily there is some non photoshop smudgeing happening in the print itself, but do not fear – it is not in every post card (I hope…). Nothing more to day, I guess

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Today was fun! I did not have any school today, but I went there anyway. There I saw friends who study industrial designers and one of them was using this mechanic wood carving machine. She had done a drawing with some computer program and now the carving machine was creating the drawing from a block …

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