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Differences of Kouvola

Yesterday was maybe the best day in this week, at least in my opinion. In the evening I was walking in Kouvola with my friend and my camera. And got few really nice shots of the absurd milieu of Kouvola. Nice! So here is the new attachment to my “Absrud Kouvola” -photo series. For those …

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Today was fun! I did not have any school today, but I went there anyway. There I saw friends who study industrial designers and one of them was using this mechanic wood carving machine. She had done a drawing with some computer program and now the carving machine was creating the drawing from a block …

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one light

In studio. There I was with few ideas. One light, no two lights! Wait a minute, what’s happening? Few hours vanished in the studio – Where did those ideas go? No idea. Back home, sitting in the front of the computer. Going back and forth, searching for good pictures – I found one. Maybe that …

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Self Portrait?

Hi! Today I was taking pictures here in Kouvola and when I got back home, I checked what kind of shots I have taken. There was only few good ones, but this one was somehow really capturing, in a way. Is this a self portrait, I asked my self. In a way I feel that …

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A Graduation Photo

Hi, last Saturday I was taking graduation pictures of my friend, Anniina. The light was mid-days sun and I did not have any reasonable flash gear with me (and still not have…). But I managed to take few nice pictures and here is one of them. Thanks to Anniina for nice photo session

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Last Friday at School

Heipparallaa! Last friday and I had a criticism session of the “Three Dimensional Composition” -course and my grade was 4 (out of five), from which I was quite surprised. I was expecting three to be my grade, but I am also very happy with this one We had to create two different kind of head …

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Hi! In the middle of this week, on wednesday, we took our camera gear with us and went to the national park of Repovesi and had a intensive course of nature and landscape photography. We had only few hours time to shoot the photos in the afternoon, before we drove back to Kouvola. (and my …

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On my way back to Inkeroinen

Hi! It’s been almost a year from the last visit in Kymenlaakson Opisto -school in Inkeroinen. There I have studied ¬†graphic design and photography, for about one and a half year. Tomorrow we have there a sort of class reunion. I’m really happy to see old friends again! And now all my good memories from …

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…and some milieu and reflections

I also updated my portfolio page with milieu photos. I took these photos here in Kouvola and they somehow shows the way that I see this city. My friend Kira, who studies photography in Helsinki, said that these photos are ¬†in someway really absurd…? I did not think that in the first place when I …

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