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Mägi Bench—!

Hellou! Pictures of the Mägi Bench are now posted in Go and check it out! And hope you understand russian language better than me 😀 There are also other cool stuff to see! Remember to check the designers: Olli Mustikainen and Jari Nyman.

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Designs and Photographs

Hi! It has been a while since the last post. To be honest, my life has been really busy now. At least it feels like it. I feel that I am taking giant leaps with my life as graphic designer, and even as a photographer. This is a awesome thing, but at the same time …

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Font Tour Part1

Hi! About a month ago I went to a Font Tour walk thingie, with my friends. Helsinki is now a design capital, and for that a map was created, so people in helsinki might go to tour around and look some fine typography, or just fun typography. There were so many different things, that I’ve …

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I Found The Autobot!

I found the Autobot! I could not wake it up, but at least I know where it is, if i need help. No-no! We just have to wait and see what going to happen. I’m so thrilled about this finding – are there more of them, that we just do not know? To spoil this …

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The Decepticons in Helsinki!

The Decepticons are REAL! They are in Helsinki! I thought that it was just a cool story, but no, it is true. When are they going to strike? And where are the Autobots! It was a quite normal day. I left from work normally, I was crossing a street and something caught on my eye. …

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no words-canvas print

My Painting on a Wall

Hi! Today was a great day. I hung up my first “canvas-printed” digital painting with my aunt to her home! It is a really large print, 120x80cm! I still need some practicing with interior photography and maybe some another lens than 35mm-barrel tube: lines goes all away in different directions. Click here, to see the older …

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to do…

These are the things I like, These are the things I… These are the things that runs my power level down. Few weeks for the next big deadline: When the Sytyke-thingie and other scout “post-it-to-do’s” goes to printing houses. Maybe then I could have time to do some other things, maybe?

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