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Typography Chocolate

hi! It’s been a while, I know… But in today’s post I have this nice chocolate-typography-illustration-slash-poster-thingie, not the “agun” drawing that I was talking about in the post before this one. Anyways, this was also an assignment for our typography class: we had to choose a subject, mine was chocolate, and then create a silhouette …

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Just Type and Draw

So it is time to wake up and start to draw some school assignments. This is for typography 2 course, which includes this kind of “free” typography. I got this idea when I was reading a book, and I noticed, that I was concentrating on a gemena letter “g”. It was looking like a trigger …

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Today was a really weird day: everything was difficult, and I felt like I’m not able to do anything correctly. But, two hours ago I decide to practice my digi-painting-skills, googled a photo and just started to paint what I saw. I was so tired all the time I was painting, but somehow it helped …

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the hunt_2


It’s been a while, I know. Many things going on, I have to think a lot and my power level is running low. The bw-painting is few days old, and the purple one is fresh, I made it few minutes ago— both are just fine: I need practice. Hope you like them.

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to do…

These are the things I like, These are the things I… These are the things that runs my power level down. Few weeks for the next big deadline: When the Sytyke-thingie and other scout “post-it-to-do’s” goes to printing houses. Maybe then I could have time to do some other things, maybe?

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A New Post Card!

Yay! The second post card, that I made for this Saraste Scout Camp, came today! Here is a pic of the final product Unluckily there is some non photoshop smudgeing happening in the print itself, but do not fear – it is not in every post card (I hope…). Nothing more to day, I guess

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Yay! 😀 Today mr. postman delivered me this invitation that I made for the Saraste scout camp. Every time it is so cool to see your own work like this: printed and send to you. And when the last time you saw these, they were on your screen on your computer. (I’m really sorry for …

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So, Yesterday I left the Kouvola city for a day to meet my firends and of course I took my camera with me. There I was walking in the streets and then I saw this!? Where am I?! Finland – not possible, mabye in some southern European city? Mabye. But to be honest, this is …

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The Coolest Assignment in 2011!

So my friend Lauri told me that he would like me to be in the creative-visual-team, who designs all the cool things for the next scout camp in Finland organised by the Guide and Scout District of the Metropolitan Area in 2012! Well sign me up! 😀 At the moment we have three members in our …

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