Category: Digital Painting


Hi! Weird things happened in photoshop today. First I thought that this could be some sort of a basic robot. Then it turned out to be a-bug-like-creature-robot. It was a bit flat and I tried out few things, and then it started to glow! Then I twisted the color scheme more and now it looks …

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Hello! A week ago I made these signs for Saraste scout camp. Just before Saraste, there is a another scout camp. Roverway. Saraste and Roverway is held in the same place and the signs are going to be placed for Roverway also, so there is quite many scouts to se these signs live! 😀 so …

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Tides and Turns

Hi! About a week ago, a friend of mine was at my place and we were talking about my way of painting digitally. Well okay, I may have started it, but the conclusion of this conversation was, that my friend asked and suggested me, that if I’d be more patient with my paintings and give …

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